It was 1989 when Tommaso's foresight led him to buy L'Ariosa, a wonderful old vines estate stretched out on the sea of the Costa dei Trabocchi, constantly ventilated by the sea breeze (hence the name L'Ariosa, which means The Windy).

The influence of the proximity of the sea has always strongly characterized soils and microclimate of this estate, located at only 15 m a.s.l. Sensing the potential for the cultivation of white grapes, Tommaso decides to convert the old preexisting vines into new vines of Pecorino, Passerina and Cococciola (all with tendone training system). This choice will reveal its fundamental importance for the strongly identitary and characteristic imprint that the sea has given in these vineyards and in the wines obtained from their grapes.

The calcareous sandy soils, are characterized by strong minerality and high water capacity available for the plant: even when summers are particularly hot or dry, this estate always guarantees excellent quality of the grapes. In ancient times, these soils were occupied by the sea: they still returns small marine fossils and preserves a discreet stonyness.

The constant breeze coming from the sea mitigates the warm sun and together with the optimal temperature excursion (stronger than in the hillside), guarantees an excellent ripening of the grapes. The uniqueness of this seaside-terroir finds full expression in the sapidity and in the finely balanced acidity of the wines.


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