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San Vito Chietino (122 m a.s.l.) is a small turist town between the sea and the mountains of the province of Chieti extended on a gentle hill stretching out to the sea in the heart of the Trabocchi Coast of Abruzzo, the part of Adriatic coast between Ortona and Vasto characterized by the presence of Trabocchi, ancient fishing machine supported by stilts. Towards inland, can be admired the mountain massifs of Majella and, farther, Gran Sasso d'Italia. The territory has a strong agricultural and tourist vocation, and it’s characterized by the presence of vineyards and olive groves. The soil, with good water permeability capacity, has a clayey character in the hillside, while it has calcareous sandy composition in the marine area. The climate, mild with average annual temperature around 14.6°C (58.28°F), is highly influenced by the sea: winters are mitigated, protecting from risk of late frosts; summer heatness is slightly attenuated by the fresh sea breeze.

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Landscape from ‘Promontorio

In the hillside of San Vito, from Belvedere Guglielmo Marconi you can admire the spetacle of a 360 degree panorama: the sea on the East side, the profile of the two mountains on the West side. Sunsets from Belvedere Mare e Monti are also suggestive, of elegant beauty is the main church of the town, Church of Immacolata Concezion. Also known as ‘the town of gorse’ (like the poet D’Annunzio loved to identify it, because of the gorse frequent in the landscapes), San Vito is also famous because the Italian poet and author Gabriele D’Annunzio lived here with his lover Barbara Leoni. He resided in 1889 in a rural house (today known as Eremo Dannunziano) located on a promontory with a breathtaking panoramic view (the Promontorio Dannunziano) in ‘Portelle’, a district of San Vito. The poet was so much impressed by the beauty of these places that in his literary work ‘The Triumph of Death’ there are many descriptions of landscapes seen from Eremo and Promontorio Dannunziano. Particularly, his takes lot of inspiration admiring Trabocco Turchino.

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View on San Vito

Marina di San Vito, the seaside of San Vito, is mainly a turistic district with its excellent fish restaurants, beaches and commercial activities. On the promenade ‘Lungomare di Gualdo’ lays the Pier of San Vito, in ancient times it was a nodal point for the commercial traffic of the nearby city of Lanciano, today it’s a destination for panoramic walks: you can admire the hill on which stands San Vito, the city of Ortona to the North and all the seaside towns of the Costa dei Trabocchi to the south. From San Vito you can easily drive to the neighboring towns, full of wonderful monuments and landscape that worth a visit: the Aragonese Castle in Ortona; Fossacesia, where to visit the splendid San Giovanni in Venere Abbey;Lanciano, known for its characteristic Medieval districts and traditions, also preserves the relics of the Eucharistic Miracle in the Basilica of San Francesco; Vasto, where you can not miss a visit to the fascinating historical center (particularlyPalazzo d'Avalos) then to the wonderful Punta Aderci Natural Reserve, third most beautiful beach in Italy. By driving at most one hour you can reach and visit the enchanting mountain landscapes of Majella (province of Chieti) and Gran Sasso (province of L’Aquila).


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